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An Automotive Tier 1 supplier faced the risk of a line-down situation after a shipment was delayed at origin in Prague due to a discrepancy between the paperwork and the physical shipment. After clarification and revision of paperwork to accurate 9pcs at 2,800kg the full shipment moved to Munich; however due to capacity issues it then could not make the planned flight into Mexico and was re-booked to a departure with 24hr delay.

Customer Profile

  • Need to identify immediate alternative transport solution to arrive on the planned day in Mexico, after initial flight plan could not be made
  • Need to sort out involved customs export declaration challenges, as shipment was declared for export in Czech Republic already


  • Interception of transport – shipment has been terminated in Munich and re-delivered to Frankfurt with dedicated vehicles to catch an earlier uplift
  • Customs export declaration has been cancelled at initial export location Prague, and a new customs export declaration has been issued based on export from Frankfurt
  • Central managing and communication to all parties involved (origin / destination / customer / airline and handling partner at Munich airport)

Customer Benefits

  • Single Point of Contact through the whole shipment process
  • Permanent communication and close to real-time updates on shipmen milestones
  • Line-Down situation resolved and production continued as the provided delivery deadline met the customers expectation