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Our customer is one of the world’s largest oilfield service companies and a leader in seismic and geophysical services. Their product portfolio covers the whole oilfield process, and they are a market leader in 10 out of 15 product lines. The customer has recently increased their focus on deep-sea exploration.

Customer Profile Image

Customer Profile

  • Need to partner with a global service coverage to manage and support all explosive (Class 1) and radioactive (Class 7) dangerous goods products
  • Need for global coverage to deliver radioactive goods originating in the US
  • Need for global coverage to deliver explosive and radioactive goods worldwide
  • Need of full control, transparency and compliance, 24/7/365


  • DHL Same Day provides a 24/7/365 dedicated account team for all explosive and radioactive orders
  • Dedicated account team is trained on both general and customer specific dangerous goods requirements
  • All global suppliers are certified
  • 24/7/365 Control Tower actively monitors all shipments and provides real-time visibility, any exception is managed actively and customer is informed either by e-mail, phone or SMS
Customer Benefits Image

Customer Benefits

  • Close partnership and co-operation with DHL Same Day on the radioactive program and on the explosive program
  • Compliant operation with global coverage
  • Single point of contact with a dedicated team in place allows for quick alignment on all topics. This ensures that the same logistics language is spoken between customer and DHL Same Day