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Clinical Trial aiming to support the development of newborns after they have been discharged from the hospital with infant nutritional supplement. The product is stored at clinical locations and home deliveries of the clinical trial supply are coordinated. Transportation takes place the same day, with dedicated collection at clinical site and delivery by appointment to the patient’s home.

Customer Profile

  • Clinical trial spans multiple clinics across the US and Europe each servicing several patients
  • Strict delivery window of 2 hours within placement of order
  • Blind study: a form of protection is required for patients’ names and addresses to be shielded from the customer without interfering with the delivery


  • Customized point-to-point ground transportation delivery from clinics to patients’ homes.
  • Ability to schedule appointment
  • Online system with support and onboarding provided to the clinicians
  • Continuous and proactive monitoring with intervention if necessary
  • 24/7/365 availability

Customer Benefits

  • Single point of contact for all clinics administering the trials
  • Streamlined ordering process using DHL Same Day’s online web portal
  • Confidence in a fast and safe end-to-end process and hand-over of the supplement to the patients at the right place and time.