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The customer is a leading provider of medical imaging equipment, serving clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices all over the world. The customer operates smaller distribution centers in the countries; however their main regional distribution centers are based in America, Asia and Europe.

Customer Profile

  • Needs to arrange and coordinate several shipments every single day with pick-up in all regional DC’s and deliveries all over the world
  • Needs to arrange shipments of any kind and size
  • Needs real-time visibility and exception management
  • Needs a phone call to engineer prior to delivery to align on handover point and exact delivery time


  • Global network of partners to arrange pick-up and deliveries including the capabilities to arrange delivery after hours or during the weekend (24/7/365)
  • Continuous and proactive monitoring and communication by 24/7/365 DHL Same Day customer service team; intervention if necessary
  • Lane specific SOPs to capture and follow country specific or consignee specific needs incl. broker coordination

Customer Benefits

  • Single point of contact for all global shipping needs
  • Lean communication based on customers reference numbers
  • Mission critical speedy deliveries archived by next flight out shipment arrangements and dedicated deliveries
  • Confidence in safe and fast end-to-end process and hand-over to the engineer at the right place and the right time