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At DHL Same Day, we understand that medical devices fall into various categories, with our service you can count on a prompt logistics solution to address your emergencies regardless of your product segment. We manage shipments for highly sensitive imaging devices such as MRI and Ultrasound machines, PET, CT and X-Ray scanners and their respective spare parts. Other medical equipment commodities such as anesthesia machines or patient monitors, implantable devices, such as hip prosthesis or pacemakers, mass single use devices, such as syringes or catheters receive customized solutions meeting the transit time and compliance needs. As seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment needs may arise on regional or country level and require prompt response that DHL Same Day can meet through our global network.

From DHL Same Day, you will find:

Our Role in
Medical Devices
  • Tailor made Life Sciences logistics solutions managed by Life Science trained and certified specialists following the Good Distribution Practices (cGDP)
  • 24/7/365 Operations, Control Tower, and Intervention management
  • Expedited Global Network with over 170 countries and territories
  • Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions
  • White glove service and On-Demand Solutions
  • Compliance – ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) | IATA DGR, CEIV | GDP (EU, WHO, PIC/S) | Patient Privacy
  • Extensive Life Sciences Customer Base